Robert Spralja

With over twenty years’ experience in Public Practice as a CPA and Registered Tax Agent, Rob has garnered a wealth of knowledge across tax and accounting for the benefit of your business. Prior to starting Inform Business Accounting over twenty years ago, Rob worked internationally for ten years at DHL. This extensive real-world experience, gives Rob the understanding of what is required to run and operate a business.

Rob has a passion to bring technology to his clients, as an early adopter of Xero and cloud accounting, it is Rob’s aim to bring the efficiencies and benefits that cloud accounting can deliver to small and medium businesses.

Kane Harnden

Kane is a CPA with close to thirty years’ experience gained both in Australia and internationally. Kane has worked across a number of industries, including transport and logistics, education and in the manufacturing sector also. The roles Kane has held include both senior finance and general management positions, having been both a CFO and a Managing Director.

Kane brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of accounting and finance, with extensive expertise in corporate finance, corporate governance, business transformation and change management.


Jabei Wang

Jabei began his career as an engineer, it was not long before Jabei realised his passion lay in world of numbers and chose a different career path to become an accountant. The education and grounding from Jabei’s engineering background, where he earnt a PHD in mechanical engineering and automation, enables Jabei to see accounting problems from a different perspective to come up with alternative solutions to suit a client’s need.

Jabei is a keen student of our clients’ businesses, for all of our clients he seeks to understand their service or product lifecycle so he can enhance the service they receive. Growing up in Shanghai before coming to Australia to pursue his Accounting education and career, Jabei is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Joyce Ngo

Joyce is a Business Analyst with extensive business experience. Joyce has exceptional financial modelling and Excel skills; and also Power BI. Joyce has the unique skill of combining data from various sources and is able to marry up this data to provide useful business intelligence to aid decision making and business improvement.

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